January 8, 2021

UP and Coming, VIDEO MArketing

Hi there folks! On today’s blog I will be sharing one of the popular marketing tools in the digital marketing age, and that is video marketing! I’m sure many of you have come across the term “video marketing” before, given its ubiquity these days. Video marketing can seen on multiple platforms, especially when information can be compact into a short video length of roughly 2 minutes and below and easily shared.

Many businesses are tapping onto video marketing to not only grow their businesses, but also to interact with their target audience. Video comes in many forms, ranging from explainer videos to videos you see on social media, to even product and interview videos. Here are some stills from our past work:

Explainer Videos

Product Videos (Clients: Ogawa | Samsung)

Interview Video (Clients: Samaritans of Singapore | Her World Singapore)

Orhsome’s work revolves around creation of videos and we hone our craft in the production line. Our recent work showcases the essence of video marketing.

With more people watching videos, food businesses have also started dabbling in marketing strategies like posting videos onto various social media platforms as a method to sell their services. We recently worked with Deliveroo on 3 x 15s social media videos that were published onto their Instagram and Facebook pages! It was a fun and memorable 2 day shoot. Check out these behind the scenes pictures.

Friends enjoying a deliveroo meal
Camera Operators framing a scene
behind the scenes, director instructing cast members playing a family

Behind-the-Scenes of the “Always On” Social Media Campaign for Deliveroo Singapore

You might be wondering what’s the importance of video marketing? Well, with a high demand for video content, there’s a definite potential for video content to help increase user engagement and also improve brand trust. Companies or businesses also use video marketing in order to increase sales, build brand awareness, keep their customers informed and up-to-date, also reach out to potential customers. 

Statistics have shown how moving visuals are the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tool. Now you can easily create and optimise videos for search engines which brings organic traffic to people getting to know your brand or business. This helps your business to stay relevant and up-to-date.

Planning your next video marketing campaign? If you have any questions on video marketing or unsure of how to go about doing it, hit us up at [email protected], we are here to help!